Album 2 Instrumental

Album 2


No. Song Dance
01 He’ll Have To Go Jazz Waltz
02 Tennessee Waltz Jazz Waltz
03 Walk The Line Mayfair
04 Fair Weather Friends Mayfair
05 It’s A Long Way To Tipperary Militaire
06 Pack Up Your Troubles Militaire
07 Hoop Dee Doo Gypsy Tap
08 Just Another Polka Gypsy Tap
09 Yi Yi Yi Yi I Like You Very Much Paso Madrid
10 You’re A Wild One Paso Madrid
11 Before The Next Teardrop Falls Rumba
12 South Of The Border Rumba
13 Spanish Eyes Tango
14  Blue Tango Tango
15 Blue Bell Polka Fiona Polka
16 Little Brown Jug Fiona Polka
17 On The Wings Of A Dove Twilight Waltz
18 Carnival Of Venice Twilight Waltz