Album 4 Instrumental

Album 4


No. Song Dance
1 Blue Blue Day Bossa Nova Blues
2 Joey’s Song Bossa Nova Blues
3 Manana Samba
4 Quando, Quando, Quando Samba
5 Blue Suede Shoes Jive
6 Rock Around The Clock Jive
7 Frankie And Johnnie Hucklebuck
8 Little Old Song Hucklebuck
9 Meet Me Tonight Lucille Waltz
10 Irene Goodnight Pride Of Erin
11 Mexicalli Rose Engagement
12 I Can’t See Me Without You Harmonie
13 You’re The Reason Banyan Blues
14 Blueberry Hill Idaho Foxtrot
15 Oh Lonesome Me Sindy Swing
16 Oh Johnny Sindy Swing
17 Carnival Of Venice Twilight Waltz
18 Tom Blackman Waltz Twilight Waltz