Album 5 With Vocals

Album 5

With vocals

No. Song Dance
01 Jack To A King Merrilyn Schottishe
02 Have You Ever Been Lonely Barclay Blues
03 Eighteen Yellow Roses Debbi Blues
04 The Girl From Yesterday Domino Blues
05 Daisy A Day Lucille Waltz
06 Hello Mary Lou Mayfair Quickstep
07 Almost Persuaded Vanity
08 Any Dream Will Do Barclay Blues
09 Room Full Of Roses Foxtrot
10 Carolina Moon Alpha
11 Fly Like A Bird Festival Glide
12 Take These Chains Dynasty Blues
13 Wooden Heart Foxtrot
14 Baby Blue Melba Blues
15 Seven Spanish Angels Maxina
16 Wild Side Of Life Saunter Together
17 Single Yellow Rose Red Rose Saunter
18 Part Of Me Waltz Catherine
19 Say You’ll Stay Until Tomorrow Edinburgh Saunter
20 Any Time Banyan Blues