Album 6 With Vocals

Album 6

With vocals

No. Song Dance
01 Before The Next Teardrop Falls Charmaine Schottische
02 Today I Started Loving You Again Melba Blues
03 Robert E. Lee Helena Quickstep
04 Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain Bambi Blues
05 Irene Goodnight Pride Of Erin
06 Where Am I Gonna Live Saunter Together
07 Back Home Again Balmoral Blues
08 Somewhere Between Emmadale
09 Send Me The Pillow Idaho Foxtrot
10 Tonight The Bottle Let Me Down Dynasty Blues
11 Let Me Be There Cherry Tree Saunter
12 Crystal Chandeliers Carousel;
13 Red River Valley Rio Swing
14 Not Until The Next Time Danude Schottische
15 Somewhere My Love Swing Waltz
16 Swinging Doors Excelsior Schottische
17 There Goes My Everything Anna Lisa Waltz
18 Singing The Blues Festival Glide
19 California Blue Alton Schottische
20 Have I Stayed Away Too Long Domino Blues
21 If You Love Me Edinburgh Saunter