album 1 - instrumental

Album 1


No. Song Dance
01 Little Green Valley Festival Glide
02 Your Old Love Letters Festival Glide
03 Half As Much Festival Glide
04 Cheatin’ Heart Barclay Blues
05 I Can’t Stop Loving You Barclay Blues
06 Green Green Grass Of Home Maxina
07 Seven Spanish Angels Maxina
08 Hello Who’s Your Lady Friend Canadian 3 Step
09 If Your Irish Canadian 3 Step
10 Never On Sunday Cha Cha
11 Cuanto Le Gusta Cha Cha
12 Hard To Be Humble Killarney Vale Waltz
13 Peggy O’Neill Killarney Vale Waltz
14 Daisy A Day Lucille Waltz
15 Northern Lights Of Aberdeen Lucille Waltz
16 Spring Time In The Rockies Swing Waltz
17 That’s Amor’e Swing Waltz
18 One Day At A Time Swing Waltz